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Fence Repairs - Residential and Commerical

Residential and commerical fences are needed to provide privacy and security, so when they start leaning or breaking down over time it is important to get them fixed by a professional fence company with top quality fence installers. Sacramento and Roseville area residents prefer Superior Fence Construction and Repair, Inc. ! So what types of repairs are common:

Wood Fence Repair

Most homes in the Sacramento area have a cedar and redwood fence of one type or the other. Wood fences look good and provide privacy and security around your home or business. With time water (rain and sprinkler overspray), wind, and sun damage can cause a redwood or cedar wood fence to rot, warp, and break. One of the more frequent failures with wood fences are the pickets become warped and detach from the rails and fall off. Another common failure is that the post will rot, and the whole fence will begin to lean and eventually just fall over.

Leaning Fence Repairs

When storms come through Sacramento, El Dorado, Davis, and the Auburn areas we recieve a lot of calls from home owners to fix leaning fences. Since the most common fence in the the area is a six foot redwood/cedar or pressure treated privacy fence it is easy to understand that the high winds can catch the fence. When high winds are caught by your fence the force applied to the fence post are huge. It is common that these post will snap at the base due to the force, pre-existing rot, and soft ground. We can look at the condition of your entire fence and help you make the decision as to what parts to repair and which to replace.

We Replace Missing Pickets

Privacy fence in our area constructed with either redwood pickets or cedar pickets. These slats are usally 5/8" x 6" and can easily warp and twist due to rain, sun, and stemperature extremes. We can remove the old pickets that are split, twisted, or warped. We can match your style of fence and replace pickets.

Gate Repair

Gates are frequently in need of repair and the most common issue to repair is a fence that is sagging or does not close smoothly. This may be cause by a faulty built gate, defective hinges or hinges not rated for the weight load. Additionally the last common problem is that the gate post was not insalled to the correct depth to keep the post from leaning. Call us for all your gate repair needs or use the form to the left.


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