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Bolt-Up Hidden Steel Posts


Our Fence Installation Services

Superior Fence Construction and Repair, Inc is the leading residential and commercial fence contractor in Roseville, Ca. We offer many options of metal posts for fences, but our preferred is the bolt-up hidden steel posts.


Pressure treated wood fence posts are the most common baseline fence posts because of  their ease of use, and relatively low cost. However, wood posts don’t last as long and will fail even earlier if they are not maintained properly. Metal fence posts are stronger, last longer, and require less upkeep. Metal posts cost more upfront , but  will extend the life of your fence many more years.

Our customers have been requesting hidden galvanized metal posts for their fences. We install these now on more than 70% of the fences that we install. The reason they want the hidden metal posts for their fence replacement is for the added longevity that they offer. Each of these homeowners has learned that normally the first part of the fence that fails is the posts, so by switching over to a hidden galvanized steel post they will ensure themselves a longer fence lifespan. This is an investment in the longevity of your fence for sure!

Do they cost more than pressure treated wood fence posts?

Yes they cost slightly more, but you will more than make this back in coming years as you are not having to replace rotting fence posts.

Why is the Bolt-Up Steel Post Wood Fence style preferred over the other Postmaster, Z post, or Life Post options?

We have seen and installed thousands of these over the years and the advantage of the Bolt Ups is that they are a time test solution that we can use in all fence, gate, and retainer wall applications confidently. In our opinion, hands down they do not have the same wobble/flex that the other post options have. While some of these other fence posts try to market that this flex is intentional and will help in windy conditions, I have yet to meet a homeowner that wants this flex and wobble. Additionally, some of these other steel post options have other downsides with how they integrate with kickboards, and lattice, and retainer walls. In the end, the choice is yours and we will give our opinions to the best of our experience, but after installing thousands of fences a year, our experience has showed us to be much happier with the bolt up hidden steel post option.

Will I see the metal or will it make the fence look different?

No, as you can see in the pictures the 2 3/8 steel posts are covered on 2 sides with 2x4 redwood rails and we cover the face with pickets during the finishing stages of building the fence. In the end, the only difference you will notice is 2 bolt heads on each post side if you look close enough.

Will these steel posts outlast a pressure treated wood fence post?

Yes, even if a post is treated it is made out of fir wood and it will eventually rot. As the chemical composition of the treatments have changed over the years, we are seeing what seems to be decreased lifespans of these treated wood posts. The steel post solutions have shown to last much longer in the thousands of yards that we see every year!


Contact us today for a free estimate. Our team looks forward to the chance to impress you with our professional consultation and repair/replacement of your fence.

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