Chain Link Fence Installation

Affordable Fencing for Security & Durability in the greater Sacramento, California Region

Chain Link Fence Installation Services

In Sacramento chain link fence is a popular residential and commercial fence solution. There are many options you can pick from including privacy inserts, vinyl coatings and multiple gauges. Residential chain link has been growing in popularity, because of its lower cost and durability. We are Sacramento's chain link repair or replacement specialist!

6 Reasons Why Chain Link Fences Are a Great Choice


Do you want your yard to be safer and more secure? If so, you need to install a fence. One of the most desired types of fences we installed is a chain link fence. There are a number of reasons so many people select chain link fence for their home and business. View some of the benefits of chain link fences below:

What Is Chain Link Fencing?

While there are many types of fence that people can pick from including wood, iron, and vinyl, many times people select chain link because it is a timeless choice.


Chain link fences come in a variety of heights, colors, and levels of privacy to suit your esthetic, safety and security needs. The benefits of chain link fences that make them so popular in the Sacramento, CA area are below:


1. Chain Link Fences are Affordable


Chain link fence cost is usually more affordable than comparative alternatives like iron or vinyl fences. If you want a durable fence that is more economical this may be a great fit for you!


2. Easy to Care for

Chain link fencing is very easy to care for. It doesn’t require a lot of your effort to stay looking great. To care for your chain link fence, you should clean it and check it for damage once a year.

You can clean off your chain link fence with a hose or a brush if you find any buildup from the elements or pets.


4. Adds Security to Your Yard

Installing any fence will help add a considerable amount of security to your yard. Chain link fencing is no exception.


A chain link fence will help to keep animals and people out of your yard space. There are many options we can add to help increase the functionality of your fence including standard privacy slats or privacy plus slats for extra visual protection. In commercial applications we can install chain link for added protection on the top. Any way about it, chain link is a fantastic deterrent to keep people and animals out of your yard space.


5. Provides Safety for Animals and Children

Having a chain link fence can help protect your animals and children. They help to keep your pets and children inside the safety of your yard while helping to keep other animals out.


6. Increased Property Value

Adding a new chain link fence is a relatively simple improvement to your property that can raise its overall value. While adding to its curb appeal it also adds to the usability of the property.

Do You Have More Questions About Chain Link Fencing Installation?


A chain link fence is one of several options available when choosing to fence your property. Choosing this type of fencing is a financially sound choice for even the strictest of budgets.


If you have any questions, or would like to get an estimate for a chain link fence installation at your home please reach out to us to we can assist you!