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Ornamental Iron Fencing

Elegant Fencing for your Landscape

Ornamental Iron Fence Installation and Repair Services

Nothing projects the elegance and security of an iron fence. Our iron fence products come in steel with a baked on powder coat finish. Residential grades are available from 3' to 6' tall. Commercial grades come 6' to 8' tall. There are many styles and accessories available. Enjoy the strength, durability, and low maintenance cost of iron fencing.

6 Benefits of an Ornamental Iron Fence

Here are six of the reasons ornamental steel fencing might be the right fence for you:

​1) Durability-- These fences are one of the most durable to weather and age. These metal fences maintain their strength with only minor maintenance for decades to come.


2) Security-- An ornamental iron fence will increase the security around your home or business. Both the flat top and spear (point) top increase the protection of your property.


3) Exceptional Rust Protection-- The ornamental iron that we install has been pre-galvanized before it is powder coated for extra protection. This additional layer of rust protection is not something everyone provides. Ask about it.

​4) Easy to Fix if Damaged-- Since these fences are made up of component parts, repairing a damaged panel or gate is as easy as cutting the section out and replacing it.

5)  Environmentally Friendly-- All of the steel is recyclable if you ever choose to remove it down the road. 


6) Elegant and Open Feel-- If you enjoy the openness of your yard/ property, but need a fence, then a metal fence is a great choice for you. Its elegant designs and open feel allow you to enjoy the security of the a fence without feeling closed in.