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Chain Link Fence Repairs – Cut During Break-in, Vehicle Damage, Tree Falling

For homeowners and business owners alike, chain link fences provide an affordable and durable option for securing your property. However, like any fence material, chain link requires periodic maintenance and sometimes emergency repairs to keep it functioning properly. Here are some of the most common chain link fence repairs you may need to make over time:

Cut or Damaged Mesh

One of the most frequent issues with chain link fencing is cuts, tears or holes in the woven wire mesh. This can happen over time due to weathering, animals chewing on the fence, vandalism, or other impacts that damage the mesh. Cuts and holes from vandalism or theft attempts are especially common. Repairing cut chain link is a relatively easy fix. You'll need some cloth-coated wire of the same gauge as the existing fence fabric. Simply twist the repair wire through the undamaged rings around the cut to sew it closed.


Unfortunately, chain link fences can also be targeted for break-ins, with criminals cutting through the mesh to access your property. When the chain link around your business is cut, it makes for an emergency situation to get it repaired quickly in order to secure your property. We understand this and are dedicated to getting you fixed quickly! These types of break-in repairs require cutting out the damaged section and splicing in new fabric. Consider upgrading to heavier 9-gauge steel mesh fabric when repairing areas prone to theft attempts. The thicker gauge wire is harder to cut through.

Bent Top Rail

The top rail runs along the top of a chain link fence, providing stability and an attachment point for the mesh. Top rails can become damaged due to weather, accidents or excessive weight or pressure. Many times top rails are damaged from a tree falling on the fence. To repair a broken top rail, splice in a replacement section of top rail the same length as the damaged section. Use sleeve joints secured with self-tapping screws to connect the new rail section at both ends.

Bent or Broken Posts

Chain link posts take a lot of abuse from wind, tension on the fence fabric, animals, people climbing on them. The most common reason that we repair chain link fence posts is because they were hit by a vehicle. Bent or leaning posts should be corrected as soon as possible to maintain fence stability. For mild bends near the top of the post, use a come-along tool or fence pliers to carefully straighten the post. Severely bent or damaged posts need to be replaced. Make sure new posts are set at the proper depth and use post clamps to secure the chain link fabric.

Barbed Wire Issues

Barbed wire is often installed on top of chain link for added security. We common repair barbed wire that was cut during a theft, or it was hit by something falling on it. While barb wire and razor wire tend to be fairly problem free, when they are damaged it takes a bit of time to remove the old material and replace it with new barbwire or razor wire.

Regular Maintenance

Along with fixing issues as they arise, don't neglect regular fence maintenance steps. Tighten any loose fabric and attachments, lubricate hinges and other hardware, clear vegetation around the fence perimeter, check for rust and repaint where needed. Taking care of minor upkeep now prevents more serious repairs down the road.

For professional chain link fence repair and maintenance services, contact Fantastic Fence today at 916-790-7100. Our chain link fence specialists provide quality workmanship and we use only the best materials. We're committed to quickly fixing your fence the Right Way the first time.


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