How To Extend The Life Of Your Fence

How can you get more years out of your wood fence in Sacramento? No matter how good a custom wood fence is built, you can’t make it last forever. However, there are actually several steps that you can take to extend the life of your fence. Unfortunately, the vast majority of homeowners that have wood fences in the Sacramento area aren’t aware of the simple maintenance tasks that they could do to not just get more years out of their fence, but keep it looking good tool. Below are a few fencing maintenance tips that are quick, easy, and affordable for a homeowner to preserve their wood fence.

Make Sure Your Fence Is Worth Preserving

First things first, you need to have a quality fence built. Performing maintenance and trying to preserve a poorly built fence is kind of like a dog chasing its tail. If you want one of the best Sacramento fence companies to build you a quality custom wood fence, Superior Fence is your answer. Our professional fence have the experience and prides to make sure the the job is done right. That means we:

• Use quality lumber and materials.

• Don’t take any shortcuts.

• Built visually appeasing and structurally strong fences.

Apply Water Sealant

Water sealant is the best way to preserve the wood and protect it from moisture, which leads to rot. Applying water sealant within a few weeks after your new fence is built is the best practice. Superior Fence Construction and Repair, Inc. offers this service stand alone or we can do it when we install your fence. Although it is important to apply a water sealer to a freshly built fence, it is equally as important to periodically repeat the process about every 5 years. The sun, rain, and wind will slowly penetrate the seal and work its way to the wood. By reapplying sealant every 5 years, you will strengthen the seal, prevent the fence from turning gray, and significantly prolong rotting. This can give you several more years of quality fence. A few gallons of water sealant is fairly inexpensive and the benefits it provides for the money is well worth it. A few tips are below.

• Allow 4 to 6 weeks for the lumber to dry out and then apply a stain or sealer

• Do not apply any water sealant if you stain your fence.

• Even if you build a fence with pressure treated lumber, you still should apply water sealant. Cutting wood exposes untreated areas.

• Clean your fence before applying a water sealer because anything on the fence will be trapped under the seal.

• If you pressure wash your fence, wait a day or 2 to apply sealant. This allows the wood to dry and not trap moisture under the seal.

Periodically Rinse Dust & Dirt Off

A simple maintenance task that you can do to help preserve the life of your fence is to periodically rinse dust and dirt off of it with a water hose. You don’t need to blast your fence with a pressure washer every time a little dirt gets on it. In fact, doing that would cause more harm than good. Just rinsing it will get the job done. By rinsing dust and dirt off, you will be helping prevent the wood from turning gray and prolonging the rotting process. When dust and dirt gets on the fence, it will wedge itself in the grain of the wood or tiny cracks in the seal. Dust and dirt will retain moisture allot more than the wood itself, so the rotting process will begin. A quick rinse with a water hose will overcome this when dogs, children, or rain splash dirt onto your fence pickets.


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