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Fencing for Dogs: 3 Considerations Before You Install

3 Considerations Before You Install Dog and Pet Fencing

Fencing for Dogs: Choosing the Best Fence for your Puppy

We receive a lot of calls each week from Sacramento-area homeowners with pets that they need to create a safe yard for. Whether you got a new dog or a different type of pet there are a lot of different fence options to pick from based on your animal and the area that you want to secure.

Some things to consider are: the size of the pet, how high does it jump, are you wanting privacy as well with this new fence, and what sort of fence will look right in your area.

1. Fencing For Dogs: Height

Different breeds of dogs are obviously larger when grown than others. As well some are commonly better jumpers than others. So if you have a retriever that might like to escape in excitement of chasing a bird flying by you might need a taller fence than if you have a pug. Many of our customers opt for a 4ft tall fence to a 6 foot tall fence depending on what size pet they are trying to keep in while keeping in mind the appearance factor of your new fence. You might select between an iron fence if a more open feel is desired, or a redwood or vinyl fence if a more private feel is desired. Recently chain link and wire fence have both become much more popular in residential settings as they have been long used in commercial uses.

2. Fencing For Dogs: Privacy

Is a more private yard a better solution for you and your pet or a more open feel? This is a great question to figure out from the start as it will help in the selection of the best fence solution for you. Each fence style has a different look and function. Here are some options for fencing for dogs:

Fencing for Dogs: Choosing the Best Fence for your Pup - Board on Board has overlapping pickets so there are no gaps for your dog to see thru.

Redwood- this is the most common and offers us a lot of privacy options from the standard residential dog ear fence, to a more privacy board on board option where we overlap the pickets so the pets can not see each other through any gaps.

Black Ornamental Iron Fence for Dog

Ornamental Iron- this is a great solution in an area where privacy is NOT a concern. Many of our customers use these in front yards, and in their backyards in settings where the yards face an open space or the lots are very large between the houses. It is a very durable option that gives a very clean and elegant look. Something to note—typical spacing of pickets (vertical rungs) is 4 inches apart so if you have a tiny pet this may not be a great solution.

Fencing for Dogs: Choosing the Best Fence for your Pup - Chain Link Fencing is durable and near maintenance free

Chain link / Wire – These 2 options are great economical and long lasting fence solutions. They typically are more of an open feel that you can see through, but with chain link we can install it with privacy slats for more privacy. This is a fantastic near maintenance free fence solution that is economical to install.

Fencing for Dogs: Choosing the Best Fence for your Pup - Vinyl Fencing is Clean and Gap-Free

Vinyl- This is a very clean fence solution if you are looking for a clean and modern look. This fence style offers fantastic privacy and low maintenance over the years as two common reasons it has become so popular. One drawback we can see is if you have pets that jump up on it a lot, this may cause it to become visibly damaged faster than the other styles. This is something to consider when thinking about your options.

Fencing for Dogs: Choosing the Best Fence for your Pup - Maintenance
3. Fencing For Dogs: The Maintenance Required

For the most part fences require little maintenance over the year. We recommend you look at your fence 1 time a year and give it a push looking for rotten posts or weak rails. At the same time you can check and see if your pet has gotten into some mischief over the year and there is anything that needs to be repaired.

In order of maintenance free, the best in most settings are chain link, vinyl, and iron. A close second would be a nice redwood fence when built with hidden steel posts. Some people worry about the maintenance of redwood fences, but they have fantastic durability when installed with hidden steel posts.

Dog Run / Dog Kennel

There are a lot of benefits of building a dog run in your backyard for your pet. Dog runs have been becoming increasingly popular because it gives your pet an area that they know is there own and they can feel safe and relaxed. Many homeowners find many advantages to building a well constructed dog run including:

  • They provide a place for your puppy to safely play unsupervised

  • A dog run provides a designated area for your dog to run, play, and go to the bathroom without destroying your yard plants and furniture and pool

  • They provide your pet a safe and comfortable area to be outside instead of cooped up inside when you are gone which is better for their well being

Please keep in mind these dog runs and kennels intended to provide your pet temporary shelter and safe places to exercise. They are not intended to keep your dog housed in all the time.

Looking for the best fence for your Sacramento-area yard? We would love to meet with you to find your perfect fence for your pets! Reach out to us for a free fence estimate »

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