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Redwood security gate in Sacramento

Security Gate Installation

Affordable Gate & Fence Installation for Security & Durability in the greater Sacramento, California Region

Pedestrian Gate Installation Services

The number of requests we have been getting for the installation of pedestrian gates at the residential homes and commercial businesses near by us in Sacramento and Roseville has been on a significant rise. As a property-owner, you will feel safer when your family and friends have an additional layer of protection and security safeguarding your home and property. If you are a business owner also want to make sure to keep customers and employees in designated areas and accessible to proper fire egress exits. There are many benefits to having a pedestrian gate installed at your house or business.

Protect people and property inside of the gate


A pedestrian gate helps protect your home and business at all hours of the day and night, when you are there and when you are not. If the safety of your family, co-workers, customers, and property are important to you, then having properly designed and placed gates is a very important solution. The world of today is continuing to change and safety and security are being ever more paramount. Investing in a high quality person gate is a precaution that can help prevent negative events from occurring. A pedestrian gate allows authorized individuals or visitors to be able to access the property while keeping those who are not welcome out.

Prevent door to door salespeople and solicitors

The number of door to door salespeople and other types of solicitors has been on the rise. If you want to reduce the number of people coming to your door and interrupting your day or evening with their marketing materials and idea, a new pedestrian gate might be the perfect solution for you! Some of the gates we install with a fence around the front of the property or patio areas. When it is more difficult for solicitors to get to the front of your home and knock on the door most of the time they move on to the next house, leaving you and your family to enjoy your time together undisturbed.

Are your worried about your Amazon and package shipments that get delivered to your home? Having packages stolen off your doorstep is on the rise. Adding an additional layer of security like a high quality pedestrian gate and fence will keep honest people honest as the saying goes. Give us a call to start enjoying the massive advantages in ensuring that your home and business property is more secure.

Reach out to us at Superior Fence Construction and Repair Inc to get a free gate consultation for a pedestrian gate for your home or property. You can reach us by phone or email on our contact page.

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